Thorough analysis of your skin type. Because it needs to be all about you

One of the first questions that people who know about skin rejuvenation treatments ask is – “how much does it cost?”. This is very difficult to answer initially as it depends on what the individual wants/needs to have treated, whether it be specific areas of acne scarring or a whole face skin rejuvenation treatment, pigmentation or wrinkle treatment.

The first part of the process is making a skin consultation with Dr Phillips to discuss whether you are a candidate for the treatment and what your expectations are and treatment requirements and then he will be able to cost the treatment. This initial consultation is necessary for any in-depth tailored skin treatment plan as it gives Dr Phillips the information with which he can devise the treatment plan specifically for you, which will not be the same as what your friend has had ‘done’ or the woman next door, this is for you based on your skin type which you can appreciate is different to your friend’s or your neighbour’s.

The consultation is done without further obligation to First Point Skincare or Dr Phillips, and is required before our skin treatments can be performed. The consultation will involve the completion of a skin questionnaire which we ask you to complete on your arrival. The fee for this consultation is determined by Dr Phillips depending on its complexity and is not rebateable by Medicare. If you embark on any treatment as a result of the consultation, you will only be charged this consultation fee on this first occasion.