Please read the following information carefully. When you make an appointment at First Point Skincare, it is implied that you have read and agree with our Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to change or modify the current Terms and Conditions with no prior notice.

1. The cost of specific treatments is very hard to put into a price list. Most often, cost is determined by what the individual requires on a personal level and that is why it is difficult for reception staff to tell you this over the phone, or for us to put a ‘price list’ on our website. To determine a quote for the treatments that are right for you, you are required to make a skin consultation appointment with Dr Phillips on 63311166.

2. It is important for you to have realistic expectations about the treatments you have and how they may improve your skin. If you have been enjoying the sun for many years without protection and have damage as a result – even minor lines and wrinkles from sun-damage, these won’t disappear overnight, and in fact may take many months of treatment to look improved. If you have scars from acne, this takes time and patience to improve. Aesthetic medicine is also not an exact science, so results can differ from what is considered a usual response to a specific treatment, and results can differ from client to client. For example, we all know how great anti-wrinkle injections can be for the majority of clients, however, it has been known that some people do not react to this medicine at all, the medicine simply does not work on them. They are in the minority, but it does happen. It is important to take this into consideration when seeking out any form of skin treatment.

3. Dr Phillips is available throughout your treatment process, and personally injects, performs cosmetic peels and laser treatments.

4. We do not give out accounts. Payment is required on the day of consultation/treatment. If you pay for a course of treatment in advance, we will offer you a discount. If for some reason, you are given/mailed an account, this is payable within 7 days. If 28 days pass with no payment, 20% of the total amount payable will be added to the account for every month that the account has remained unpaid. If the account is not paid within 60 days, the debt will be referred to a collection agency and a further 20% of the total cost will be added to the invoice to cover debt collection costs. Further treatment/services will be declined to you indefinitely in these circumstances.

5.  As we do not charge a fee for the use of credit cards, the cost of treatment is the same if you pay with either cash or card.

6. As we are a very busy practice, we would appreciate you being on time for your appointment.

7. Our Cancellation Policy states that you contact us prior to treatment if you need to cancel your appointment. We reserve the right to refuse further treatment if this policy is not adhered to.

8. As this is primarily a general practice, not all staff are trained or well versed in cosmetic procedures. Please make an appointment to see the doctor and discuss your treatment options.

9. We stock the products we advise which are used in the treatments and your home based skin care. You are under no obligation to purchase these products.

10. We reserve the right to refuse treatment.

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